AeroShell Piston Engine Oil W80 Plus (24 flaskor x 0,946 Liter)


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AeroShell Oil W80 Plus
A single grade oil that combines proven AeroShell ashless dispersant technology with advanced antiwear additives. It’s the oil for pilots who want a single grade that delivers extra protection and performance. AeroShell Oil W80 Plus brings together the best qualities of two of the world’s best-selling four-cycle aviation oils. It is a single grade, ashless dispersant perfor- mance found in AeroShell Oil W 80 and the anti-wear/anti-corrosion additives of AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 Multigrade. This product contains anti-wear pack equivalent to Lycoming Additive LW 16702. Operators DO NOT need to add Lycoming Additive to this lubricant.

Fully approved to SAE J-1899 SAE Grade 40 (previously MIL-L-22851D), Fully meets FAA Airworthiness Directive 80-04-03 and Textron Lycoming Service Bulletins/Instructions